Saturday, February 22, 2014


D is for Dinosaur

I loved this fabric when I saw it.

I bought it for a friendship quilt project where I had a swatch of green fabric to match with at least 7 different other fabrics. I took my brother with me and ended up with three different kinds of dinosaurs! It was great, because it made it such a different block from what I would have probably chosen.

Thankfully there were leftovers and now I have this cute little block: D for Dino(saur).

I've started thinking about the layout of this quilt when it's done, whether to:
  1. Put the alphabet blocks side by side, creating a middle section to then put a series of borders around;
  2. Find extra picture blocks to put between the alphabet blocks;
  3. Put thin, plain strips between the alphabet blocks to set them apart more.
The finished quilt should be around 70cm x 100cm. Given that each alphabet block is only 7cm x 7cm and I'll lose at least 0.5cm seam allowance when I join them, there is going to be a lot of space to fill with other fabric. Perhaps extra picture blocks will be the way to go.

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