Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here are my first letters for ALAW 2014.

I have several ideas, but I start with this one: I am fortunate to have a beautiful garden maintained by my husband. There are many flowers and  trees that bloom throughout the year. So I wanted to make my alphabet on this "place" ...

I am part of the pictures and wanted to make letters that do not damage the photo. So there are two sheets per letter, for the letter and the other for the photo: Here is an example, and the process will be the same for all letters:

on a first page :

on the second  page :

H is for Hortensia ou hydrangea

I chose not to make in the order of letters.

Here are some for January and February :

F for fushia
I for insect
P for passiflore (passion flower)
T tournesol (sun flower ?)
G for glycine (wistaria ?)
R for rose
E for Erable (maple)

I took these photos last spring and summer.
As our winter is very rainy and little brightened up, I prefer to begin with letters full of color...

See you soon


  1. How lovely and fresh these letters and the photos look. Great work.

  2. I like the idea of the letter being left as part of the aperture over the photo!
    Sandy in the UK

  3. What a great solution for not destroying the original photo - I like how the letters are sort of hanging on to the black cardstock! It must be a beautiful garden...

  4. Such brilliant and bright colours and a great solution to include the letter over the top! Looking forward to more of the gorgeous garden.


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