Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jac’s January and February

Finally caught up.
There is no overriding colour scheme for this alphabet. I’m just trying to make mini prints that work as abstractions and can still be read as a letter.
By mixing up the letters rather than printing them in alphabetical order I’m hoping that the colours will end up varied from one to the next when they are put in sequence


  1. These are brilliant Jac! I look at them, mesmerised by discovering what letter it is; enjoying the tantalising but not overwhelming mystery - not so busy I get lost; just intriguing enough to make me search. I am also fond of the grid and honeycomb effect that appears here and there as well!

    1. Glad you like them. As for the grid and the honeycomb its amazing what you can do with plastic sewing canvas and sequin waste

  2. Love this idea - I have a gelli plate that I'm still trying to figure out so I admire your skill!

  3. I love your alphabet, Jac! Very recognizable as your work, yet with a completely fresh & new take...I'm excited to see more...

  4. They are beautiful. I was so excited by these letters that I ordered my own gelli plate! I still have to experiment with it though.


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