Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcome to A Letter a Week 2014

Welcome to A Letter a Week 2014, a project that began in 2010 and is primarily about having fun, experimenting and having a regular, small project to focus on each week. The aim is simply to:
  • Write/create a letter a week 
  •  Creating 52 letters 
  •  Which must form 2 x alphabets (that is, not 52 x the letter ‘A’) 
  •  By the end of 2014 
The main rule is that the letter must be presented on a piece of material measuring 7cm x 7cm – this helps keep a sense of uniformity amongst the pieces which helps with exhibition coherence.

The other criterion for 2014 is that ONE alphabet has to meet the criteria of "Place” – that means the alphabet references place in some way, but is still presented on the square. It could mean the alphabet describes a place; is photographed in a place; reflects a place; tells a story of a place, a special place or the place where you live or work…

The other alphabet is a free choice alphabet, but still needs to meet the basic requirements.

Each alphabet must be turned into a final piece which could be used for possible publication or exhibition – that is, you must put all the letters together into a final piece of art. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me (Fiona Dempster) and I will get you set up.