Friday, February 14, 2014

abcdefgh ....... a beginning at last

Hello Fellow letter a weekers 

Bit of a late starter, again!  Here though are my first two months of ALAW 2014.  I have begun with my freeform rather than the 'Place' alphabet as I am waiting for inspiration to strike.  The background for my letters are engraved marks of mine and I am actually using lettraset which was in my architect fathers' supply.  It gives me great joy to bring part of him to this alphabet.

I am ahead of myself with this alphabet in as much as I already have designed the book in which the letters will be housed.  Can't quite believe it.  I still have not actually made the book for my 'Peace' alphabet from last year.  It will happen, slowly, as time allows.

I have really enjoyed having a look at the work that is coming from far and wide .... will look out for our finished books once we get to that point.  I don't often comment anymore, but please know that I am looking and really loving all I am seeing.

Hope 2014 is treating you all well. x

a b c d

e f g h

and a mix of letters


  1. Great :) The black and white is very striking.

  2. I like how you have to work to find these letters Susan...and the graphic nature of them is so striking!

  3. These are wonderful, and really appeal to me. If they were large squares (2 to 3 feet x 2 to 3 feet) I'd want them to be hanging on my walls...


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