Thursday, February 6, 2014

Map Letters for place

These are my letters for January for the theme of place.

I had ideas straight away. I thought I would use a Road Atlas from a few years ago. I meant to cut the square from areas where common place names could be Airport, Castle, Moor, etc. However, when I went to start, I realised the scale of the Road map was not close enough to be able to pick out those things.

Finally I decided to just go with finding a city, town or village which started with the letter. The majority of the places would have some connection with us. I was still thinking of common names and thought I would write them in some way. But I realised that other than the letter it would not have any connection.

I am using Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed. I liked the bulkiness of that font to stand out against all the roads and other map detail. The negative is glued to one side of black card and the positive is glued to the reverse. So, the letters for January.
I am leaving the inside bits out for this side.

and the reverse.

Now that I have a system, I hope to prepare the letter for the week on that week. (You can read more about the thought processes on my blog.)


  1. ooooh I like the positive and negative thing you have going on here Sandy - just great!

  2. Me too, I love both ... I can't choose which I like better. So, may we have both each please Sandy. And what superb places to have as your sense of place ... love them.

  3. This is great - I like the reverse images a bit more. Very creative idea to gain you 2 alphabets for the price of one!

  4. Thanks, it seemed a bit simple, but it did take time to find the places...especially since I already used the page with our town and where our son went to uni - page 9 (and 10 because it was the back) for some other project.

  5. It's interesting to see how very different each of the versions are...and I just love the map-y-ness of them!


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