Thursday, February 27, 2014

First Letters for Place

I'm late to the party this year but finally settled on a plan.......We love to travel and I love to use my photos in my art so I'm cutting a letter from pics of places we've been.  I think it's going to be assembled in a flag book - I haven't tried that yet and look forward to that process.

Austria, Barcelona, Cozumel, Disneyland, Florence, Gibraltar (rock of)

Melbourne (Aus), Kuai, Hangzhou (China), Nice (France), Las Vegas, Indianapolis

There are some beautiful, creative alphabets underway and I can't wait to see the creative presentations that are going to happen!



  1. I love how bold, colorful & varied the pattern/texture of your letters are!

  2. I really like this font. It gives a lot of scope for showing photos like yours.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. What a clever way of presenting your 'place' alphabet.

  4. I love the strength of the letters combined with colour and excitement of the photographs, enjoy!

  5. The images to me, conjure up "excitement" ... fabulous!


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