Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leaf Mono Prints

Hello all!  I was hoping that this year I would make a start on time but unfortunately that didn't happen.

But now that I have, I am continuing my love affair with leaf mono prints.  I have used them for large and small calligraphic works including illuminated letters.  I have also used them for the covers of hand bound books and for greetings cards.  Now I have incorporated them into my contribution to ALAW.

I had considerable trouble photographing the letters.  The graphite keep turning to a sliver in the photo.

The letters (with thanks to the expert tutoring of Gemma Black at a workshop many months ago) are hand drawn versals using graphite pencil.


  1. Great work Lyndell, I love these! As much as I love the large sheets of plant-dyed papers the snippets are proving visually wonderful too. We are both working with snippets of our papers this ALaW.

    1. Yes, plant dyed papers are great fun. I had fun with your versals too. I am finding that one versal at a time is so much easier than trying to get them in a group. They get unruly on me!

  2. Wow! So those aren't actual leaves on the paper? They look great!

  3. Thank you! I print the leaves using a steaming method. It is great fun. You can see how it is done on my blog.

  4. Lovely and gentle and elegant all at once Lyndell. The Versals are holding up very well! Like Gemma - I do love snippets too.

  5. These are beautiful! And I like the circular "framing" for each letter - it makes for a really nice composition.


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