Thursday, February 27, 2014

April Letters

 When looking for places visited I could not find any beginning with X.  As I like to use a tactile map rather than a GPS, X had to mark the place or town on the map.  Since then I have discovered a mining town in WA beginning with X -- Xantippe, which I have passed by but not visited.


  1. I'm continuing to enjoy how beautifully these letters are turning out - and I think the "x marks the spot" concept is perfect for a place alphabet. (Nice to know that you discovered a town beginning with "X" though - "x" is always a tricky one for an abecedary.)

  2. Yes, I am doing my map letters one a week, but I have already located them in the road atlas. For X I found a place in Kent that has xxxs along a railway. I can't remember if it is a planned route or what, but it works for me!
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Love how you have worked the alphabet into your 'place' theme. Embossing does look lovely and combines well with your lettering.

  4. Elegant solution Valerie - now you have a mission to visit Xantippe!


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