Thursday, February 6, 2014

JGR FEB letters

It's hard to believe how fast January disappeared. Here I am with my letters for Feb. In the past years of ALAW I've always worked in order A, B, C, D and so on. This time I'm jumping around a bit. 

My sense of place is the state of Georgia, where I live in the Southeastern U.S. Here's some trivia:
Georgia is the largest state East of the Mississippi River.  59,425 sq. miles/153,909 km. We have mountains to the North, Coastal plains on the Atlantic, peach orchards in the center, swamps in the South and tall pines throughout.

K - Fall color reflected in a mountain lake.

F - Sunrise on the beach at Jekyll Island

 Q- Providence Canyon in middle Georgia.
B - more Fall leaves.
Happy February, thank you for visiting!


  1. Thanks for sharing about Georgia, your place Jane - I stopped and imagined the peach orchards, the pine trees…wonderful! And I love how your letters are reflecting it so beautifully - they will make a wonderful 'story' when finished.

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  3. A very real and lovely sense of place Jane, fabulous! The "K" colouring is sublime.

  4. I agree with Gemma about the colors of the 'K' - really, they all have their own unique mood about them. Looking forward to seeing more!


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