Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Last letters for first alphabet

Here is the end of Alphabet 1. However, I am still working not the finished article. A box has been constructed to house my little books but hasn't been covered yet.

I'm still thinking about whether or not to add anything to the finished letters - although it's looking less likely now.

I'm quite pleased with the 'Z'.

Every time I saw Fiona at SSiW I felt guilty, and now I see she has finished hers. I will get there!

All the alphabets are looking great - it's so fascinating to see the finished presentations.

I'll be back soon with mine,


  1. So sorry I have that effect on you Meg ; ) I love the Z too - it is full of shadows and play and dance...

  2. I think the letters are looking very complete, and just love the overlapping/layering!


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