Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alphabet of Tricks - U V W X

Coming to the end of the alphabet.
The U was written with Old World Adhesive Size (creamy liquid in a jar), covered with copper leaf, with the excess brushed off. I wrote the V with FineTec Aztec gold watercolor with an Automatic Scroll pen. The FineTec comes in a small round pan. I like the color (the metallic quality doesn't show in this scan) and it flows well from the pen. The W tile was made by photocopying (not inkjet!) the letter onto black card stock. Yes, black toner on black paper....then spritz with full-strength bleach. The toner acts as a resist and stays black while the background is affected by the bleach to reveal the letter. Magic! I rubbed chalk pastels onto the paper before writing the X overtop with sumi ink. The chalk works well to create the subtle color and does not wrinkle the paper. 

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