Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Alphabet of Tricks - Q R S T

The Q was written with Pebeo resist, allowed to dry, watercolor over, and when the paint is dry, the Pebeo is rubbed off to reveal the paper. The R was written with Pearl-Ex Duo Red/Blue pigment mixed with gum arabic 4:1 to make a paint. On white paper it appears iridescent rose. The S was written into a patch of wet watercolor wash with a dry pen to "bruise" the paper. The T was written with the same Pearl-Ex Duo Red/Blue pigment on black paper where it appears both rose and blue iridescent from different angles. 


  1. I am really glad you are sharing these little tips on making interesting letters/marks. I haven't done much calligraphy, but it makes me think about looking for a course somewhere.

  2. I am keen to discover Pebeo products over here Carol - they seem pretty good. I'm also amazed by how different the Pearl-Ex Duo looks on the two different papers...what a great journey of discovery this is for us all.


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