Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finished 'free' alphabet

This is really my dotty one from a couple of years ago that didn't eventuate at the time, but had to be done! Here is the finished product - a small book case.

In the end I decided not to put anything extra on the cover of each, but used small letter stamps on the spine of each volume to show which letter it is. This helps to be able to put them back in order if they are taken out.

Now I must get on with 'Place', which has been started, but not resolved as yet.

All the ALAW alphabets are looking fabulous. It's really interesting to see what ideas people have - I'm looking forward to the next lot,

not so confuzed now it's done!


  1. Great resolution Meg - I'd love to know what's inside those wee books!

  2. Oh I love the little bookcase! Great idea.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Such a good idea ! But I am a bit curious and so ... What´s in your books ?

  4. Just lovely but I'd also like to know what's inside!!

  5. How beautifully crafted. Like everyone else who's commented before me -what's in the little booklets?

  6. Ok, the big secret revealed - nothing! But could be anything ... one day. I have to get on with the next alphabet, so there's no time for this one now. Maybe one day.


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