Monday, April 7, 2014

March for Fiona

Well, I am kind of, sort of staying on track with this year's letters. So far, so good, but I always fear falling behind again!

Here's where I have gotten to with my pencil letters…

I for Indigo..

J for Jade...

K for Khaki...

and L for Lemon. Lovely!

It's getting closer to the time where I need to unpack the sand again to get the pencils to push in far enough. M and onwards!


  1. I'm only checking in now with this years alphabet and looking at all the different ideas once again. I love your work, its one of these ideas that you say "Wish I had thought of that" and know I never would have, its so beautiful, that which normally makes the letters become the letters, it's beautiful.

    1. Thanks Eithna! They have a certain whimsicality about them I think, and I have found it possible to do one a week almost…not too stressful at all. I must admit I'm a bit stuck about my next alphabet but hope that inspiration arrives in time! Go well.


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