Monday, April 7, 2014

Annette - catching up!

Hi! I finally got January, February and March completed!  

For my alphabet, I made the squares out of heavy watercolor paper.  I covered each one with pattern paper using gel medium.  I then decided to play with some new "toys"; a Sears Catalog from about 1900 and an old metal stencil set I bought at an antique store.  

I love doing vintage collage.

I added some little details in the letters


  1. I love the colours and the warmth of this Annette, as well as the way the images from Sears match the letter, and of course I just love stencils! What a delightful looking alphabet.

  2. I think we have allot in common I also love collage, old paper and stencils too. Think your stencil reminds me of the lettering on tea chests, yes I'm that old that I remember tea arriving loose in large chests and then we had to weigh and bag it, I was brought up in a grocery store, the chest when empty was so useful and much sought after, nowadays we would call it upcycling, then it was making do. I love your alphabet.

  3. Beautiful! Very vintage. H is my favourite.

  4. It must have been fun matching images to the letters. These will be wonderful all together.
    Sandy in the UK


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