Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Late Start

Late last year I signed up to join this challenge to make a letter of the alphabet each week in 2014 and suggested my daughter (Pennycello) join also as a fun activity for us to share. We live in different states and share a love of making things and tackling a challenge. Since then she has put me to shame with posting some beautiful letters. Finally I am getting my act together and catching up.

I have been keeping my tea bags to add to the garden mulch and like the different patterns of staining as they dry out in a bowl on my kitchen bench. I decided it would be great to include the tea stained tea bag paper in my letters so my first set are all made with recycling in mind, using things that I already have. The base is scraps of left over printing paper.

Each letter has been fashioned from the dyed thread and glued down with rice glue. I have added something decorative related to the letter and then covered it all with a piece of tea bag tissue. I like the textured surface resulting. Some tea bags are quite dark and others are very lightly stained.


  1. I love tea and anything to do with it. I really like the way you have used your teabags and the way in which you have interpreted the alphabet.

  2. Oh I love these! and wonderful to use the teabag paper. the result is very calming like a cup of tea!
    Sandy in the UK

  3. I love tea staining and tea bags - and then you go and pop the string letters underneath! Brilliant. I also love the variations in the tea bag papers...


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