Monday, April 28, 2014

Map Letters for April

Places around the British Isles.
Apologies for the photos. I am finding the coating on the map pages make it difficult for my camera to focus.



in Wales

Q-Queen's Bower

I could find very few Q places in the British Isles and those were little villages. Which surprised me.
Quite interesting to find that to be the case in a place where 2 Queens have reigned over 120 years between them in the last 177 years!

(I muddled up the attempt to give the place name a green box like the other letters have. But it isn't so bad if you aren't doing a close up photo!)

And the backs


  1. I love that you found Queen's Bower! Funny that there weren't that many Qs to discover...

  2. Yes, Queen's Bower is on the Isle of Wight. Near Osborne House, one of Queen Victoria's favourite places for a holiday. It makes you want to go discover if it is still Bower-like or why it became her bower. (like a meditation spot?)


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