Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Finished Alphabet

All the letters completed and the book structure decided on, I added some little collaged scenes as fillers, since the book is square.  It's variously called a snake book or meander book and I think has other names.  It spreads out flat like a picture but folds up like a book.  I made a little box to contain it, with a label on the outside with the title, and an explanation on the inside of the lid.

 Complete alphabet with fillers.

 Alphabet in its box.  The title sheet has a little hand drawn pic of the area.

The box showing the explanation inside the lid.

Alphabet and the box.

I had great fun with this project and am busily thinking of what to do next...


  1. So this is called a snake book ! Very nice realisation, i love it !

  2. I love the gradations of colour as you move through the alphabet; as well as the add in squares here and there. 26 can be a most awkward number to deal with at times!

  3. This is gorgeous, just love it!

  4. It looks great, congratulations :) The colour wash is lovely.

  5. Your "Place" piece came out beautifully! I love the texture & depth/richness of the pages, and the presentation box is lovely...

  6. The colour wash just adds a further dimension, what a treasure.


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