Tuesday, May 20, 2014

April plus May

Oh boy, time is getting away from me again and I see everybody finishing alphabets and go eeeeek!

Still, I seem to be almost holding together; just forgetting to post.

Here are the next 8 letters in my alphabet.

M and Maroon

N and Navy

O and o-surprise me - Orange!

P and another surprise - Purple

Q and Quartz Grey

R and another really original choice - Red

S and Sky Blue

T and Tan

I have been daydreaming a bit about the finished product; and hopefully have an idea or two.

It looks like I have 6 more letters to do in about 6 weeks, so I shall try to do some early and then get on with the finished item.

Funnily enough my head keeps turning to my place alphabet; and what I might do, when what I really need to do is focus on this one!


  1. I do wonder what will be the final product !!

  2. I especially love the 'O', Fiona so satisfying & round (and orange, my favorite color!).
    Funny how the next alphabet is encroaching on your mind...I find this is the case with me as well - and that it actually happens quite often when a project is either nearing its conclusion (or proving problematic!). But I suppose that projects can also inform one another, so maybe once you begin "Place" - and step away from the colored pencils for a bit - the final form will come to you...


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