Thursday, August 7, 2014

my place alphabet .....

Hello everyone,

I have been such a poor blogger this year and just realised that I posted on my last letters of my first alphabet on my tracemarks blog and not here.  One I have finished the book I will make sure to be back here posting on the results.

A beginning has been made on my second alphabet - my PLACE - which will literally be about the place in which I live.  I am working on larger pieces in the same vein, or will be in the future, as I have in mind a large project on "My Place".  You will even recognise some of this imagery in my latest collaboration with Fiona.  

I am showing you the preparatory work at this point because I don't want to actually emboss the letters onto each piece until have have done all twenty six letters as I am going to make a quilt book and want to arrange the pieces before I decide what letter I will attribute to them.  Because this will be a hanging piece, I will need to work both front and back of my little squares.

Here is my beginning!  I will post about the middle and the end too!

This year has seen me a little time poor (probably because I am working on so many things in the studio) and though I have not been leaving comments, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching all the wonderful alphabets emerge.


  1. Fiona, this is stunning! Subtle yet dramatic. Very inspiring.

  2. I love where this is going Susan - great reminder of your place!

  3. Such beautiful subtle mark making. I love the embossed letters, I'm curious do you have special equipment to emboss?


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