Thursday, August 7, 2014

Alphabet of Tricks - Y & Z

My final letters in the Alphabet of Tricks set. The Y was made using an eraser stamp that I carved, stamped and then sprinkled with embossing powder while the image was still moist. I then heated the embossing powder to make it raised and shiny. The Z is 23 K Gold Leaf on an Instacoll base. Now I need to bind the alphabet, and photograph the finished project.


  1. These are beautiful, and what a good job on the carving! I love the gold leaf, too.

  2. It has been fascinating to learn some of the tricks to your trade. I have been inspired to start looking for calligraphy classes in my area!

  3. What a delight this journey has been Carol - I love the fine and crisp lines you managed with that stamp - such control!


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