Sunday, March 16, 2014

Where did February go??

I had every intention of posting some letters in February, but somehow the time disappeared. So here are the other two January letters and four February letters. I will put March's four up soon.

It's interesting to see how the intensity of the spattering changes - in two ways: one because it's a different time from the last session and I forget how much time I have spattered; and two because as I do more letters in a session the ink builds up and dries on the screen and lets less ink through so I have to splatter longer and harder (great for the upper arms) and find it hard to get the same intensity. So you can see the 'C' is much darker, then I lightened up a bit. They are much darker than 'A' and 'B'

It's very hard to achieve consistency in the lightness or darkness of the spattering. So I have given up.

All 26 little books are now made. So I just have to do all the spattering, then decide if I want/need anything other elements on them. And I have to make the box for them to go in.

That's all for now folks,
Meg (confuzed)


  1. I love the subtle finish - beautiful letters

  2. These are so good. There is not a great noticeable change, and if you end up fluctuating throughout, it will all work together as one when your are finished.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. I love these (especially the "G" of this batch)! And Sandy's comment rings true - that the 'regular' fluctuating should even out everything as you look at them as a group... Interesting to hear about the 'physicality' of your technique!

  4. Thank you all, it has been great fun to do. If you look at the 'A' and 'B' though they are considerably lighter. And even though I scanned them on the same scanner using the same programme - Photoshop - the background colour looks different too! Just did them in two batches at different times. It's also a bit hit and miss regarding the placement of the letters on top of one another - I'm not so fond of the 'C' for instance. But I like the surprise I get when they are done.

  5. I really like the offset of the F. All of the shading is lovely :)

  6. I love them Meg - they dance and intrigue at the same time!


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