Friday, March 21, 2014

A change of season...

Hello again. This is my second round of letters for the free alphabet, which is inspired by the English 111 Vivace font (more on how they came to be in my first entry).

As I gathered these latest letters to photograph today I realized that the "palette" seems to have evolved as we've moved from winter toward spring. With their deeper colors & splashes of orange (psychological warmth for dreary afternoons), the earlier ones of this new group reflect the mood of the cozy indoor days of that period—whereas the most recent ones (shown further along in this post) feel more like spring...





The colors of both the photos & the individual 7x7-cm designs seem to be playing tricks when I post them here; the colors of the boxes are a bit off, as are those of the designs themselves (some too bright, others to dull). Unfortunately I can't seem to compensate in either case!

Anyway, back to the letters... I find I am continuing to learn as I go along. For example, the rather diminutive 7-cm size means that some of the detail gets lost/is too much at that modest scale. And sometimes the result can be pretty intense when I layer the letter designs, which have transparent backgrounds, over a colored background (as with the "B"). The process has been quite addictive, and I have gone on to create additional designs or patterns that extend around some of the box sleeves.

Sometimes the colors of the week's letter draw inspiration from something specific; as described in this post, "S" came about from a teapot & mug, and "M" (below) from the mimosas given locally for la festa della donna (International Women's Day) on 8 March. I created an e-card with M-inspired & G-inspired designs (shown in this post), to try and capture the feeling of spring. In my latest post you will see what I decided to put in the "M" box.





Happy Spring to all of you in the northern hemisphere +
here's wishing golden autumn-y days for those of you south of the equator.
And to all: happy letter-making...


  1. These are still so very amazing! And the time spent on them, I feel, has been well worth it! You are onto a winner with this idea!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments! It's been a lot of fun so far. I had questioned the choice to opt for an alphabet that's computer-based as opposed to tactile, but am enjoying the hand-making/"assembly" into the final presentation (the sleeves & boxes)...

  3. I am amazed by your design capabilities and your ability to see the most beautiful patterns from the letters. These are just gorgeous and I love the connection to the handmade with the boxes. Such a treat!

  4. I love them - they remind me of doilies, with a modern twist! I love patterns and the colours are gorgeous.


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