Sunday, January 26, 2014

Louise - powering along!

Stitched up!
Powering through my free style alphabet and thinking hard about the presentation for the final piece of artwork.  I am thinking of a accordion book with little related objects pocketed behind the see through part of the letters. Might become a learning tool for my three year old grand daughter.  The challenge alphabet idea is also underway, but from the other end. With this alphabet, I have started with how it will be presented and am working backwards to the letters but have the idea firmly grounded. Will keep under wrap for the time being until I start fixing the letters in place. I'm having fun...hope you are too! Louise.


  1. I love the backgrounds on these letters & am looking forward to seeing what you come up with to slip into the pocketed spaces. Interesting, also, to hear about how you are approaching each alphabet from the opposite direction. It's very difficult for me to begin without first establishing a structure, but I think it would be a good exercise to try creating the structure/display after the content sometime...

  2. I am a sucker for a cut-out Louise and I love the marks on the front paper and the simplicity of the letter form and then the over-stitching! Delicious.

  3. Stitching paper - one of my favourite things! These are lovely, very textural.

  4. Fabulous Louise, I too would like to see where this leads ...


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