Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm back ... but still confuzed

Well, no more excuses, we have packed up, moved, and unpacked. So at last I am doing my dotty alphabet, the idea for which I had two years ago. Itzick, the wonder husband, had made me a screen for making spatter stencils, but I just didn't get started. So I will now use it to be my 'freestyle' alphabet.

So this is my first attempt at the splatter idea just to try out the screen:

I haven't finished my first four yet, but here are two. I'm not sure if they are finished but they are a work in progress so there may be changes/additions.

These are to be a small boxed set when they are finished, of 26 little single section volumes. I don't know if I will put anything in them yet - another thing to be sorted out. I am making the booklets first then applying the spatter.

So far the letters look like this:

They are not as defined as the trial letters. This is due to using a different paper stock. I might work back over them with pen and ink - to be decided!

More to come in a few days - it's nice to be back, thanks Fiona for all your hard work!



  1. Well done, I rally like the spatter look

  2. I'm loving these Meg and I'm loving how you are exploring alongside them as you go - not sure where they are leading you, but enjoying the journey. It will be interesting to see how much you work into them, or not...

  3. Thanks Valerie, the spattering is fun! I remember very vividly doing it in preschool with the same sort of box with mesh on it.
    I don't know if I'm game to work over what I've done so far Fiona - there's always the risk of ruining what has been done, although I could always whip up another one!!


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