Sunday, August 24, 2014

My place, New York, is coming along well

Things are going along quite well with my place alphabet - the embossed map of New York City and letters for things that are wonderful memories form our last visit there.

E - is for Empire State Building; such an iconic symbol of New York and a glimpse against the skyline always makes you smile.

F - the Flatiron building - we wandered past it several times this visit; and again it's quirky style just makes me happy.

G - "Girl with the Pearl...." is how I refer to Vermeer's painting "Girl with the Pearl Earring". We were fortunate that it was on show at The Frick Museum whilst we were there, and to stand in front of her and gaze at her was a magical moment indeed.

H - the Highline. One of my favourite parts of New York City - the old disused railway high above the streets down near Chelsea.  It is now a garden and a walking path and place for people to gather and enjoy. There are great views from up there and it's a bit surreal to walk above the hustle and bustle, yet still be nearby.


  1. Fiona, The Highline truly is wonderful. (As in your project.) Another great place is under way, The Lowline. It's in an old subway station.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the LowLine Mrs B - how fabulous!


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