Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Second Alphabet

Here is the start of my second alphabet. I decided to machine stitch the letters onto quilted fabric, It is a spidery stitch almost like a doodle! Each square has a piece of wadding between 2 pieces of fabric, I did this has I originally thought I would add some other details (collage fabric) along with the letters but as I progressed I liked the letters on their own, so now all that quilting is redundant, I may start again with only one piece of fabric as I could then put it into a book at the end, or leave it quilted and make it into a wall panel. but I'm so late beginning this second piece I thought I would just post them as is and see how I feel about them when I get to "Z".

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  1. ooooh I love the free-form and doodle-sketchy nature of these letters! They seem so personal, despite the intervention of the machine. I hope you're having fun - such new territory!


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