Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Progress on the Tamil English slang

It's been a while since I posted my progress on the Tamil English slang which I'm trying to document.
Here's e, f, g and h
e - is for empty. - adjective. \ yemp-tee\
definition - as in empty biryani. Biryani rice without pieces of chicken or mutton.
f - is for figure - noun. \fig-er\
definition - a beautifulor sexy girl.
g - is for gym body - phrase. \Jimbaadi\
definition - usually pronounced as a single word, 'jimbaadi', refers to someone whose physique is relatively well honed. If you are stout but not fat and do not have a very visible paunch then a tight t-shirt will also do the trick.
h- is for hot drinks.
definition -an alcoholic beverage.

i - item number - a song and dance sequence in a tamil movie done by a voluptuous young woman who is dressed provocatively. All movies include an item number its part of the formula.  jjacket - the blouse worn with a saree. All women go to a tailor to have their blouses 
(jackets!) stitched.
k - I haven't found a word for the letter k as yet.
l - leg pees -  The most coveted piece of chicken is the leg pees known to the rest of us as the drumstick.


  1. I am still finding these words and phrases very intriguing. Again, like my comment on Sabi's post, England played Sri Lanka earlier this year in the Cricket. So, it gives another level of interest.
    Sandy in the UK
    PS I get a lot done sitting in my studio listening to the Cricket!

  2. Hi Sandy, I find these words intriguing myself, its a whole new language that's being created. I'm not a cricket person but you can't avoid it and I find myself watching matches with my husband who is a sports fanatic and cricket is high on his list of favorite sports.

    1. Just thinking it would also be interesting to do an A-Z of Cricketing terms. There are some pretty unique ones!

  3. Loving this one Maya - I like empty rice and leg-pees in particular! A really great representation of them as well; such fun!


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