Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fiona's first alphabet completed

My first alphabet is hanging happily in the studio now.

Because the photographs of the pencils in sand made into letters seemed to be a fun, frivolous kind of thing, I chose to make a coloured garland.

Almost like alphabet bunting in a way.

I cut circles of coloured card and printed my photographs onto paper and put the two together and strung them with a crazy, mixed-colour yarn.

Laid out on the floor...

Overlapping  the card stops them from flapping I discovered.

I liked the idea of repeating the circle form of the glass jar with the circle form of coloured card.


They seem to suit the studio space.


  1. Oh, Fiona, your alphabet looks so festive as a bunting for your workspace. I might borrow that idea for a bit of cheer in my studio. Thanks for making all of this "letter fun" possible for us.

    1. Thanks Carol - it seemed fitting for fun and frivol to become bunting!

  2. Great idea. I like the way the circular form gets repeated.

    1. Thanks Maya - to get my circles onto squares and then back out onto circles again was fun!

  3. Fiona, gorgeous work as always!


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