Monday, July 21, 2014

My free alphabet.

Here are the first letters of my 2014 free alphabet.

They are from the first page of a manuscript known as the Gelase ´s Sacramentary, dated 8th century and kept in the Vaticana Library. Since only a few letters are present in this page, I'll have to imagine the missing ones.

Every letters are designed with fish and birds. The colors used are those identified in the manuscript : minium, malachite, lead yellow, lapis and vermillon.

It will be a great fun to write some words with them by the end of the year !


  1. This looks fabulous - I am loving looking at the animals and working out the letters!

  2. What a wonderful idea - and an original concept! I'm interested to look up the manuscript that's inspired you...

  3. These are almost feeling Peruvian...first thing that came to mind when looking at them....I just love the colours.


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