Monday, May 19, 2014

There you are

Last steps to march in are :

and there you are, in the Labyrinth of the Chartres Cathedrale
and to bring it with me everywhere, I folded it this way :

adding the extra Z at the rear, and made a little box to pack it

that's it !
and now, let's think of the next alphabet !!!


  1. Lovely - I like the concept as well as the execution.

  2. What a great way of thinking about place Marie-Helene! I love the way it all folds up as well - like magic.

  3. Thanks for your comments. This is à place I haveńt been yet but hope to visit very soon. And labyrinths are so fascinating !

  4. super ! je suis allée à Chartres il y a un an pour délires de livres et malheureusement à ce moment -là le labirynthe est caché par les chaises dela cathédrale.
    Quelle belle idée pour représenter cette ville et ta "place"

  5. So clever! and the little box is perfect to hold your magical book. Love it.

  6. It's been fun to follow the "unfolding" of this alphabet (and I love how the labyrinth literally does unfold). And what a gorgeous, autumn-y palette - just beautiful!

  7. So clever and charming!


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