Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alphabet of Tricks - Carol DuBosch

These are the first four letters of my second Alphabet. My plan is to write Fraktur capitals using 26 techniques I like to share with students. I will mount the squares into an accordian book so that it is easy to carry to classes. For the embossed "A", I cut a stencil and pressed the paper into the stencil using a light table. I wrote the colorful "B" with a wide pen and water, then dropped watercolor into the wet letter and let it blend and sort of marble. The "C" was made by tracing the letter onto the back of the paper in reverse, and poking a needle along the line of the letter. The "D" was written with bleach. Only 22 letters to go.


  1. oh wow! I have no educational experience with lettering and calligraphy, the ideas and techniques already with the first 4 letters are already inspirational to me. I will enjoy learning.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. What an interesting idea. and I love the results.

  3. I love the sampler idea Carol - my first ever alphabet was along similar lines. I truly admire your bleach control - it is so crisp, no bleeding! I'm looking forward to all the other ways you make these beautiful letters.

  4. A sampler book is such a wonderful way to assemble an alphabet, and the Fraktur letters seem like a great choice for exploring a wide range of techniques. They are each gorgeous, but the colors of the 'B' especially caught my eye. Enjoy!


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