Saturday, May 31, 2014

May letters

Here are this month's letters. Still having trouble controlling the intensity of the ink, but when they are all together there is lots of texture going on.

I haven't done much on the box for them yet - so much going on at present.

Wonder husband and I have a group exhibition opening this week - we are collaborating on some sculptures and prints. I'm adding the letters! Altogether there are 14 of us and we have only seen a couple of the other works that will be in it. A great surprise is in store!

that's it for now,


  1. I continue to really love these - the different layers & overlapping are really intriguing & quite "peaceful" feeling (and I certainly don't notice any difficulties you've been having with controlling the ink!).

  2. The more I look at these the more I love them. What grabbed me tonight was the way one is upright and another is tilted like it is really having fun!


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