Saturday, January 17, 2015

Almost There

Apologies I did not get the 2nd alphabet finished last year, but here it is almost... I have all the letters completed but putting it together is proving a little slow and seems to be evolving as I keep running into difficulties,
I should have thought more about how I was going to construct the book for these padded fabric pieces before I started, I knew I did not want to make them into a patchwork type quilt but having put wadding into each piece they are fat and cumbersome to work with. I was undecided between making Cubes or a Flag Book, Regrettable I went for the Flag, I lay them down and sewed the letters back to back as they should appear in the book.

But they would not sit as a Flag book should, and I had no idea how I would reinforce the back fabric so it would have hills and valleys, So I undid it all.....but not each sewn square as I had trimmed the seams down to a minimum before I turned them right side out so if I started unpicking those I'd have to go right back to "A".  I had also trimmed too much to make cubes so I was left with trying to salvage the squares I had sewn.
 I have sewn a length of fabric to each square and it will be the spine of sorts. I'm hand sewing each square to each other. The fabric spine reminds me of folds for smocking so I might try that once I get it all together, With hindsight I see I would have had far more options if I had not put the wadding (quilting foam) into each square. It now reminds me of a child's bath book, and that's not what I had in mind when I started, 

So now I just want to get it all assembled and see if I can rescue it at the end with  some interesting finishing touches.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the final version - I love the almost scribbled effect in the single pieces. Good luck with the adaptation and thanks for sharing x

    From Meg Chapman

  2. Such a cute book - it's come together beautifully


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