Friday, December 5, 2014

Burnt Letters

Second set for 2014 q-u
Still catching up the Burnt Letters
And the Burnt Letters up close...




info about the technique and concept here.


  1. Love the letters! Is there any danger the fabric might fall apart? and is the shaded are just less burnt?

  2. Hi Mary,
    Because I used thick British calico, the soldering iron didn't go through to the back. In fact, I had to go over and over the line to get it burnt enough to show up...partly due to the finish on the cloth.
    The shading is done by moving back and forth over the area, but with not as much pressure as is needed for the lines. I sort of use the side of the you would a pencil.

    I have done similar work with silk, which in some cases I did make holes through to the back, but I was applying it to something else and made little mending stitches with a metallic copper thread. This added to the whole ancient look I had in mind for that piece.


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