Thursday, June 5, 2014

Alphabet of Tricks E, F, G, H

Four more letters for the Alphabet of Tricks. The "E" was written with Higgins Eternal ink on 140# hot press WC paper, and then Dr. Martins Iridescent Copper (acrylic) was dropped into the very wet ink. The "F" was done in the same way as the "E", except the letter was written with Walnut Ink and the Dr. Martins Iridescent was Jade. The "G" was written with bleach and colored with pastel chalks when dry. The "H" was written with Higgins Ink and a pen made from balsa wood, creating the dry-brush effect and then lightly colored with colored pencils.


  1. oooh, I've never thought of dropping Dr Martin's iridescence into anything - shall go and play now! I like the added dimensions of the pastel on the bleach too - like reflected light. I am going to have so much fun with your alphabet Carol - thank you!

  2. so wonderful ideas you are presenting ! I think I'll try all of them !


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