Sunday, October 5, 2014

Next instalment of Place letters

I seem to be having trouble producing 'a letter a week' this year! I have spurts where I get a fair bit done and then do nothing - although I do a lot of thinking in between. I have just had two lovely weeks holiday which has helped this time.

Anyway, here are my letters finished. The application of the letters ended up not being such a big thing -  I love using the ruling pen - so I did.

For contrast I have overlaid a Helvetica capital over each of the little 'pizzas' then printed them digitally on Canson paper. Then I tried coloured inks over the top with the ruling pen but they bled terribly. So I went back to black - very graphic as usual. Maybe I'll go all out on the covers!

The finished presentation will be a small concertina book in a box, the top and bottom of which will be the covers.

Everyone's work is looking fabulous. I love looking through when I haven't been on for a while to see the progress - great stuff!

Meg (maybe not so confuzed this time)

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  1. I'm spinning around...these letters just make me smile Meg - love the simplicity and the movement and the story behind them...


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