Sunday, October 5, 2014

New York New York

So my place alphabet is like others', coming along in fits and bursts.  Here I have managed to complete a further 8 letters, and with a month or so of travel ahead I am trying to get in front a bit.

I - is for Inside-Out, the most amazing exhibition of rusted steel sculpture by Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery. By pure serendipity we became aware this show was on - and it took our breath away. A real highlight.

J - is for Jennifer, one of my best blogging friends. We met in person the first time we visited NYC, and this second time, J made the time to come down and see us again (from Connecticut) even tho her life was full and overwhelming at the time. Special.

K - is for knitting which is kind of weird, but my favourite shop Habu often tempts me in a crazy way to become a knitter. They have such lovely knitting!

L - is for Laughing Man, a coffee shop in Tribeca owned by Australian actor Hugh Jackman. We mapped our way around NYC via Australian coffee shops and this is a wonderful tiny corner shop with good coffee.

M - is for the Met of course. One of THE galleries of the world for me, we spent an amazing day there again seeing some pieces that will stay with me forever.

N - too easy really and a bit cheeky - New York itself!

O - is for the Opera Shop. We spent a fair bit of time in thrift stores checking things out and by far, my favourite was the Opera Shop, proceeds go to support the City Opera, and the clothes were so gorgeous and stylish and fabulously presented. I could have left my suitcase at home and kitted my self out there for reasonable money and looked great!

P - ahh Pizza. One of our lasting memories is losing track of where we were and what we were doing and accidentally ordering a Large pizza. It took up our entire kitchen table and lasted for three full meals - it was ENORMOUS!

It's quite good fun remembering New York all over again...

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