Friday, February 14, 2014

Hello, I'm attempting ALAW this year

I decided to write and ask Fiona in February if I could join ALAW 2014 and she's welcomed me warmly to participate. Hi, I'm Maya, a textile designer and fibre artist, you can view my work here.
I'm taking a stab at the alphabet and place to begin with.
 For the alphabet and place I'm looking at maps to find places I've visited, lived in and would like to visit. I'm sticking the alphabets of places I've lived in or visited on red paper and the places I would love to visit on purple paper.
I live in South India so you will find a number of Indian cities and towns represented by the alphabet.
For the first four I've taken the maps found in all inflight magazines which airlines have in the seat pockets, to cut out the alphabets.  
A- is for Ahmedabad. A city in western India where I went to design school and a great textile hub.
B - is for Bengaluru. The Silicon valley of India and the city I currently reside in.
G - is for Goa. A former Portuguese colony on the west coast of India. A beautiful holiday destination.
H - is for Hong Kong which I visited last month.  
The letters are not in sequence and I have a feeling that's how its going to progress for this set of the alphabet.
I'll be back soon, in the mean time I'm following the ALAW blog with interest.


  1. Welcome along Maya! I love that there will places I have been and places I dream of...the Hong Kong map is so evocative of that bustling city isn't it?

  2. Welcome Maya, I like that you are using maps for your letters as I am a map reader from way back as I navigate from place to place or country to country. Looking forward to seeing more or your maps.

  3. Hello and welcome to this wonderful group Maya. I really love what you are doing with this mapped Alphabet - a superb interpretation of 'place'.

  4. Thank you for the warm welcome Fiona, Valerie and Susan.
    The H for Hong Kong came from the Cathy Pacific map and Cathy's hub is Hong Kong therefore the busy lines. I hadn't made the connection till you pointed it out. Yes, Fiona its certainly evocative of the bustling city.

  5. And what a great "stab" you have taken to start with. Welcome Maya to the ALaW ... or a month or a day :-)


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