Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Louise's letters...

Hi ALAW friends,
A day of firsts for me, first time opening a google account, first time blogger, first time creating ALAW, but first I need to introduce myself.
I splash about with paint on canvas, get dirty with mud and enjoy pulping paper, making books and anything remotely creative.  A mother four times and grandmother to one and counting.  Currently sharing an early retirement with my husband, we are NINK's (no income no kids...well left at home anyway), we love to travel and go bush 'civilized camping' occasionally.
I live in Ingham, tropical NQ, have a studio where I escape to most days and am actively involved in art groups in the region.
I hope to be a regular blogger and while I start out steady I often rely heavily on the last minute and work better under pressure. Just giving you all a heads up.
Here are my first 4 letters, working blind on my free alphabet with no concept yet while I crank up the grey matter for the challenge! Ideas are forming!


  1. Good luck with the regularity Louise - at different times we all suffer from the last minute rush! I like how the occasional white line makes it way thru your letters here - gorgeous!

  2. Lovely colours, and each letter is so individual and yet linked together!
    I was lucky enough to inspired in a rush and am a few letters ahead, but now I'm stumped! They don't use Q, V or X in the alphabet in Japan, my place, so I don't have any locations that start with them. May have to resort to shops and businesses :)

  3. Hi Louise, great to see you have joined the challenge. Hope to see again sooner rather than later XXX


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