Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Better late than never ...

I don't know if anyone will actually look at ALAW 2014 now that it is very much over, but here is my second alphabet, Place, finished. I took the photos ages ago but have been a bit slow getting them off the camera.

So my little 'pizza' letters now sit in a box.

It's been great fun participating in this project - thank you to all and especially Fiona.

. . .  and this is a ps!

I had this idea, then ALAW came to a close. So I thought I would do it anyway. Below is the finished alphabet. It was done with a piece of comb and ink to created the letters, then a stamp of dots for texture. Each letter is done on a piece of paper from my collection of odds and sods - I managed to find enough different ones to create a rainbow effect and each colour is only used once. Then I went looking for some clip rings - I loved Fiona's little book that uses them.

Thank you all -


  1. Both of these are great! Thanks for posting them.
    I quite miss the letter challenges.

  2. What a surprise. I like what you did with a comb. I too miss the letter challenge like Sandy. Hope to participate in one challenge or the other later this year if i come across something.

  3. Thank you, I'm missing it too - even though I was always so behind. But now the seed has been planted and at 5 years old it's a bit more than a seedling, maybe I'll do more as the mood and inspiration comes. So I thank you Fiona for such an exciting idea and looking after it for so long - see you soon I hope, xxx


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