Monday, November 3, 2014

Almost there...

I am pretty much there with my alphabet - I have two letters to go and the finished product to pull together, but at least this time around I worked out what I wanted to do with the pieces before I began.

Here are my next 8 letters from New York City ( I am going a way soon so have had to speed up the process a touch).

Q - Quilts - we saw some fabulous contemporary quilt exhibitions whilst we there, just mind-blowing and a real highlight.

R - Raspberries.  We feasted on raspberries every day, mostly because they are so much more affordable than here at home. I always remember raspberries...

S - Snow.  We were lucky to see Central Park banqueted in snow, one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  The snow fell on several days and my memories of it inspired the quiet white of this alphabet for an otherwise busy and colourful city.

T - Toby's Estate. Only other Australian coffee lovers will understand what it is like trying to find a good coffee in the US. Toby's Estate is an Australian company and we tracked down two of their stores and enjoyed our coffee sooooo much!

U- Upper West Side. Our home away from home on W108th St. Our one bedroom apartment in this great locality near Columbia University - fabulous food and book stores.

V - Versace. The window displays of Versace stay with me (along with those of many of the other designer stores as well).

W - Watches. Might sound odd, but we visit the Garage Antiques markets each time we go, and one guy sells lots and lot sod old watches and watch parts. we bought  plenty for Barry to use in his steampunkish work; and I just love having them to use in books as well.

X - Xmas. Lucky for us we were there for Christmas and got to enjoy the snow, the lights, the trees and the window displays...

Only Y and Z and the book to follow!


  1. Manhattan was our playground for 20 years and sometimes I still miss it. Your beautiful letters have brought back many happy memories.

    1. Thanks Anita - I imagine I'd miss it dreadfully after 20 years! Go well.


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